Hemlock Hat Co.
Hemlock Hat Co.

I love being a part of Hemlock Hat Co.! The hats fit my lifestyle perfectly and I can’t imagine them looking any better. Whether I'm out shooting on the track or out living my lifestyle, these work perfectly. Use discount code ( Spencer165 ) for 20% off!

Pick one up for yourself. HemlockHatCo.com


 When it comes to my choice of casual and performance underwear, I choose Ethika. The comfortable material makes it easy to move from locations while shooting, and moving through every day life. 

I've been a part of the Custom SLR Brand for a few months now and for me, it's all in the fingers and shoulder comfort. With the Pro Dots, my trigger finger can pull focus and snap images much faster. The shoulder straps help me move freely without feeling restricted or having discomfort to my lower back. Plus the hand strap never fails to play a huge part in getting those angles.

Balboa Hike#17

The Natrls "Premium Signature Backpack" is perfect for carrying everything you need. With its lightweight material, it makes it super easy and convenient to take it everywhere.